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ODA study

The ODA studio is based in the heart of Rome, where a team of professionals, young architects, engineers and specialized technicians collaborate; he has consolidated experience in Interior Design and Architecture, Security, Large Directions Works of road works, plumbing and civil architecture.

The architect in charge of ODA calls himself Benito Luchetti, born in Umbria in 1954, he graduated in Rome in 1984 with Claudio Longo, immediately dedicating himself to design, whose dreamlike vision of architecture is found in the deconstructivist philosophy of Kazimir Malevic; revises and redesigns a different line to the verticality of the structures, to the perspectives, to the play of darkness and lights that create new dimensions of space.
The projects carried out have given a new way of living and conceiving the space even in the houses of the historic center of Rome, a place where it manages to rediscover, to rework, to blend the stark contrast between ancient and contemporary, between the great works of architecture Roman and its "sense of space" projected to the future.

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