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Project of 110 sqm apartment in the San saba area

When they asked me for an architectural project for an apartment in the San Saba district, the so-called Piccolo Aventino (born from the first regulatory plan of Rome in 1909, and then built in 1921 which is, together with that of Testaccio, the last district inside the walls) I chose to be taken by the sensations that the place offered, in fact the San Saba district has a bucolic something compared to the hectic neighborhoods of central Rome, the streets are wider, the apartments more beautiful, the lower buildings, elements that create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The district, located on the esplanade on top of a steep hill, is crossed by stairs and climbs that slope towards the walls or towards the underlying Testaccio.

The neighborhood was designed by the young Quadrio Pirani and in honor of the project the streets were named after great architects: Bernini, Borromini, Baccio Pontelli, Palladio, Pirro Ligorio and Bramante.

The houses were conceived as semi-detached villas with gardens, and buildings of no more than four floors with bright and spacious apartments, all covered in brick curtains of the same color as the ancient curtain of the church and the walls. The context was therefore a prerequisite for the internal renovation project, deciding to keep the original structure of the apartment inside; I highlighted the beauty of the marble grit floors, changed the concept of the kitchen now inserted in the living room but divided by a cut wall that plays on the spaces and brightness of the apartment, deciding to use, for all that is defined as contemporary, the transparency of the glass in the bathrooms, the supple lines of the furnishings, and the color tones that enhance the "original" parts of this 110 sqm apartment.

Photographic equipment apartment

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