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70 sqm apartment project in the Parione area

The 16th-century building in the heart of Rome is in the narrow streets adjacent to the large Piazza Navona, dark and fragments of light from the Roman sky split the cloister into a glare and then give the breath to the balconies of the three floors of which the building is made.

Inside the apartment has ceilings of over five meters and the space I have available is duplicated in order to offer customers who ask me this architectural renovation what they ask of me.

Here you could fly and for this I think of a spaceship, an absolute antithesis to this ancient Rome. The journey begins by accessing a unique environment that creates the living area while in the center an orange-colored wall built on the principles of Russian deconstructivism neglects the iron law of the Cartesian axes, accompanying the spaceship's access ramp, i.e. the ramp of access to the sleeping area and study: the glass floor traces the path while here too glimpses of colored glass break and illuminate the absolute white of the walls of the entire "space house".

Photographic equipment apartment

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