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Project for the competition for the new square in Gualdo Tadino, Umbria

Competition for the design of street furniture in Piazza Garibaldi in Gualdo Tadino, Perugia. The general objective of the project consisted in the enhancement of the urban space that represented the peculiarity of the territory such as "Gualdo Città della Ceramica" and "Gualdo Città dell'Acqua" with completely removable furnishings and harmonized with the typical building characteristics of the perimeter and to characterize with a significant artistic work is the re-presentation of an already dismantled fountain.

I considered this participation as an "exam" for the staff of the Firm, to test the technical as well as artistic abilities of the young architects and also my desire to review the culture and spaces of my land. The project assumed, on the basis of what was requested, masonry platforms with inclined planes and support for flowered vases that gave color to enhance the gray sandstone slabs of the pavement; the benches with the flexuous iron wave forms; vehicular traffic delimited and channeled by diffusers and the fountain, the central idea of the request, conceived with planes rotated and differentiated from the materials used.

The ODA study was ranked second in the ranking

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