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70sqm apartment project in front of the Pantheon

The 70m2 loft in front of the Pantheon has a pictorial vision of the architectural space inspired by the colors of the master of Russian supremacism Malevich.

In the photographic repertoire you can perceive the presence of central rectangles inserted in a completely white skin without any type of Cartesian principle, all coagulating in an axis about 17 meters long called "AXIS Pantheon" which stitches the three communicating rooms of the loft.

Inside, a passage of two dimensions is perceived, from the painting of the Russian Master to the three dimensions of the architectural object.

The decompositions adopted strongly highlight the intensity and direction of the various inclined planes that become balanced with each other.

The work transforms the unconscious and pictorial coherence into architectural drawings which in turn contain indications and instructions for creating three-dimensional models.

3D model

Photographic equipment apartment

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