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The ODA studio designs and transforms an architectural space into an immediately livable environment, taking care of all stages of construction, from floors and walls, to furnishings, lighting and upholstery.

ODA is able to follow with the "turnkey" formula all aspects of the production process, from the idea to its realization, thanks also to the support of qualified technicians who carry out its projects with care and accuracy.


The different specialist skills of the various sectors allow us to offer a wide range of services:
- Interior renovation projects
- Architectural design
- Structural Design
- Plant design
- Executive projects
- Works management
- Completion of land registry documents

- Technical appraisals

- Energy certification of buildings

- Elaboration of technical - economic feasibility studies
- Design and coordination of safety plans pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008
- "Turnkey" realization of the designed work

Our works

Project of 100 sqm apartment in the Garbatella area

Furniture project for a client's apartment in the Garbatella area.

The renovation focused on a study of interior lighting, the furnishings and the optimal distribution of the interior spaces.

8b- render.jpg
70sqm apartment project in front of the Pantheon

The loft has a pictorial vision of the architectural space inspired in colors by the work of the master of Russian supremacism Malevich.

The central rectangles are inserted in a completely white skin without any type of Cartesian principle, the whole coagulates in an axis about 17 meters long called "ASSE Pantheon" which stitches the three communicating rooms of the loft.

ristrutturazione appartamento fronte Pantheon

The architectural renovation required for this 150 apartment was conceived and built with the highest thermal-hydraulic and electronic technologies.

The walls and load-bearing columns of the apartment have undergone a revision of their being: in the case of the walls they have become multifaceted surfaces and reflective shadows and lights, while as regards the load-bearing columns, they have been highlighted by luminous points through the use of LED technology on which a lighting path has been installed that traces the entire apartment.

Progetto appartamento in zona Lungotevere Flaminio
70 sqm apartment project in the Parione area

The apartment in question is located in a 16th century building a stone's throw from Piazza Navona.

Entering inside you enter a unique environment created by the living area while in the center an orange-colored wall built on the principles of Russian deconstruction, neglects the iron law of the Cartesian axes, accompanying the access ramp to the mezzanine, that is to the area night and study.

150 sqm apartment project in the Lungotevere Flaminio area
Project of 35 sqm apartment in the center of Sabaudia (LT)

35 sqm loft in the center of Sabaudia, in the province of Latina. The apartment, born as a holiday residence, thanks to a careful study of flexibility and space, can accommodate up to 4 people managing to simultaneously guarantee the privacy of all the inhabitants although the size of the apartment is very small.

Project 150 m2 apartment in the area
Via Marco Polo

The architectural renovation required for this 150 square meter apartment was carried out through the study and reuse of both internal and external environments thanks to the presence of a perimeter garden.


Renovation of an apartment in Piazza dell'Orologio of only 24 square meters

To make the most of its spaces and make it usable and complete for every need of its owners, I thought of studying naval architecture by applying the feeling of travel, the sea, movement and propensity to elegance to a house with solid foundations .

Project 24 sqm apartment in the Castel Sant'Angelo area
Project 70 sqm apartment in the Nomentana area

The renovation project of this 100 sq m apartment took care of the rearrangement of the open space of the living room and kitchen through the use of a modern and futuristic language of the ODA architecture studio

A3 2.tif

In the internal renovation project, it was decided to maintain the original structure of the apartment, highlighting the beauty of the marble grit floors, the coatings of some brick walls, to highlight the industrial features of the area, and inserting the kitchen in the open space of the living room in order to make it livable as a central space of the house, but at the same time dividing it from the living room by means of a cut wall that plays on permeability through a play of openings ensuring diffused lighting for both environments.

Project of 110 sqm apartment in the San saba area
35 sqm apartment project in the Salita del Grillo area

The project in question is for an apartment in Via Tor de 'Conti, Fori Imperiali, Rome.

The ceilings and floors have been given the opportunity to enhance their ancient beauty; the ancient marbles, the contemporary steel, the transparency of the doors and the large mirrors have given a new character to the renovation which has a place of emotional excellence in my professional curriculum.

Project for the competition for the new square in Gualdo Tadino, Umbria

The general objective of the project consisted in the enhancement of the urban space that represented the peculiarity of the territory such as "Gualdo Città della Ceramica" and "Gualdo Città dell'Acqua" with completely removable furnishings and harmonized with the typical building characteristics of the perimeter and to characterize with a significant artistic work is the re-presentation of an already dismantled fountain.

The ODA study has finished 2nd place in the competition.



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